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Virus-removing services
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Virus-removing in practice:

Selmade or professional removing

It can really meet everybody. Computer viruses are widespread and cause big damage. Hence, the computer viruses distance should be carried out always by an expert. This makes sure that really all computer viruses have been removed completely from her computer.

Duration / time for professional virus-removing

A lot of time can take up the professional computer viruses distance. The duration of the computer viruses distance depends on the degree of the virus infestation. Therefore, no concrete time can be called. Our engineers work with high pressure on the settlement of the struck data carriers and inform you, as soon as the computer is free of virus again.

Virus-removing: Antivirus software

Antivirus software liable for costs or free

Free anti-Vire software offers them only one advantage compared with anti-Vire software liable for costs, it costs nothing. They get an extensive protection against computer viruses only if they are ready some money in hand to take. Anti-Vire software liable for costs is substantially more exact in the recognition of possible dangers and protects them with it also better.

Installation and configuration

You get an optimum protection against computer viruses only if the anti-Vire software (Internet Security) is properly installed and also is properly furnished. Our engineers take over with pleasure for you.

Antivirus software, Firewall and spam protection

They get an all-round protection against computer viruses with so-called Internet Security to programmes, these contain anti-Vire software, a Firewall (supervises the Internet traffic) and a spam protection (supervises e-mail traffic).

Consultation / installation and servicing for the protection against Viruses

Consultation and servicing with computer viruses

On the Internet lurk many dangers. We discuss you with pleasure which anti-Vire software is possible for you and explain to them the basic functions of the anti-Vire software, so that you are protected against computer viruses. Besides we show to you at what you while surfing on the Internet should pay attention.

Servicing of her arrangements for the protection against computer viruses

To remain optimum protected it is to be stood firm importantly her tools always on the most topical one. The anti-Vire software, her operating system and the proficient product on her router belong to it. We take over the complete computer viruses protection servicing for you.

Virus-removing service offers more...

Data-rescue of your USB and internal hard disk, USB flash drives and memorycards

Virus-removing-DatenrettungThe virus-removing team saves her data of every medium, whether customary hard disks, USB flash drives and every kind of memorycards. Our engineers analyse and inform you as quickly as possible.

Error analysis / trouble shooting of your mac by virus-removing engineers

Virus-removing-Mac-ReparaturIs the Mac slow or does something not function any more like before? Then service is there of the computer viruses. We look with pleasure after her problems with the Mac, whether on site or in the computer virus service centre. Our engineers are her contact.

Error analysis / trouble shooting of your notebook

Virus-removing-Notebook-Reparatur.jpgIs the notebook slow or does something not function any more like before? Then service is there to the Mac help. We look with pleasure after her problems with the notebook, whether on site or in the Mac help service centre. Our engineers are her contact.

Error analysis / trouble shooting of your pc

Virus-removing-PC-ReparaturYour PC has given up the mind? No problem of the Mac help service helps them with pleasure! Our engineers repair or exchange defective components. They can bring the defective PC to us or the Mac help service comes to you.

Installation and configuration of your network and Internet

Virus-removing-Netzwerk-EinrichtenMac-Hilfe-Netzwerk-EinrichtenWould you like to go for online, however, anyhow the technology as well as you does not want to want. The specialist staff of the Mac help furnish to them her network and her internet connection. A short phone call in our service centre and one of our engineers is in the twinkling of an eye with you at home.

Installation and configuration of your telephonesystem and phones

Virus-removing-TelefonanlageYour telephone system and your phones furnishes to the Mac-help service with pleasure for you. Simply contact our engineers and we are fastest possible on site.

Configuration of your server

Virus-removing-Server-EinrichtenYou expect from a server that he functions easily and works in the background reliably. Their competent Mac help service furnishes to you to her server, and everything instal what to functioning server surroundings heard.

Customer reviews:

Hans Werner

The calculator in our company had got an infection with a heap of viruses. The employees have tried to remove the viruses, but without success. I instructed the computer rescue car with the distance of the viruses. This has clapped really and also did not last so long.

Anke Tucholdt

To our PC sits the whole family and then sometime it has happened, we had viruses. The virus program which had run off we used for a few weeks. We consulted with an engineer with the computer rescue car which virus programme helps and they also removed all viruses from our computer.